Mountains and Mist

The grandeur of nature, captured on canvas or in silver grains on paper, cannot be matched in its majesty. Mountains and Mist is here to bring these images to light, so that all may enjoy and partake of Fall Clouds Give Way to Winter Storms the beauty that surrounds and sustains us when we venture into the wilderness. Our desire is for all of our visitors to feel some of the energy of the outdoors and come to appreciate the natural world as we have. Thousands of hours have been invested in obtaining the images you will see. Hundreds more invested in processing, preserving and printing to bring them into the public view.

Golden GateRecently, we have begun conducting workshops to bring our patrons into the wilderness with us to learn the art of photography, to paint or sketch the landscape before them and to grow in the knowledge of the wilderness that will become a part of their lives forever.

In the coming months, we will expand our catalog as we bring more and more images out of the files. Please enjoy the majesty that is nature in the paintings and photographs of our favorite wilderness locations.

Taking FlightThe Storm Advances Old Faithful

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